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Campo Grande opens Copa Truck’s 2024 calendar

Unlike what happened in last years, which had nine rounds on seven dates, two of which were double rounds, from next year, the Copa Truck will have eight rounds, one a month between March and November.

Pic: Beto Correa Campo Grande returns after five years. The track in Mato Grosso do Sul opens the 2024 calendar, with two dates in Rio Grande do Sul with their rounds still to be confirmed due to works that need to be carried out. The Interlagos round is scheduled for August 4th, with Goiânia being the only city to host two rounds, ending the 2024 season, on November 17th.

2024 Calendar:

Round 1 - March 17th - Campo Grande

Round 2 - April 14th – Goiânia

Round 3 - May 12th – Londrina

Round 4 - June 16th - Santa Cruz do Sul

Round 5 - August 4th – Interlagos

Round 6 - September 1st – Cascavel

Round 7 - October 13th - Rio Grande do Sul

Round 8 - November 17th – Goiânia


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