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Bia Figueiredo returns on track

Ex-Formula Indy will compete in Copa Super Truck

Pic: Rodrigo Ruiz / RR Media

Bia Figueiredo will debut in the brazilian class of trucks. But this year she will have to change her competing 3. Figueiredo won’t use the number 3 at Copa Truck and will be obliged to change the number.

In the ASG Mercedes-Benz team, Bia will stamp a well-known number on brazilian tracks. “I tried to continue with 3, but I was informed that this number is already had an owner at Copa Truck. So I decided to switch to 111, that is Rubens Barrichello's number in the Stock Car Pro Series. In addition to honoring my great friend, the add of 1+1+1 equals 3. If the 111 gives us the speed that gives Barrichello, we'll be in great shape!”, said Bia.


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