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Balance in 2023 Stock Car Pro Series’ season

The 2023 Stock Car Pro Series’ season was marked by balance. Of the two brands participating in Stock Car, Chevrolet won 12 races, while Toyota won the other 12.

Pic: Bruno Terena Of 30 drivers who competed throughout the season, 24 reached the podium at least once in 24 races in 2023. There were 12 winners this season:

Atila Abreu: 2 vitórias (Goiânia e Velopark)

Bruno Baptista: 1 (Cascavel)

Cesar Ramos: 1 (Goiânia)

Daniel Serra: 3 (Goiânia, Cascavel e Velocitta)

Eduardo Barrichello: 1 (Cascavel)

Felipe Massa: 2 (Cascavel e Interlagos)

Gabriel Casagrande: 3 (Interlagos, Velopark e Buenos Aires)

Matías Rossi: 3 (Interlagos, Velocitta e Buenos Aires)

Ricardo Maurício: 2 (Interlagos e Velocitta)

Ricardo Zonta: 3 (Interlagos, Velocitta e Interlagos)

Rubens Barrichello: 1 (Tarumã)

Thiago Camilo: 2 (Goiânia e Tarumã)


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