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Arthur Gama wins Race 1 of round seven of Sprint Race

Race 1 of round seven of Nascar Brasil Sprint Race, held in Tarumã, Rio Grande do Sul, was won by Arthur Gama, who was born just a few kilometers from the race track. He won the one round before the end of the season from start to finish, completing the 17 laps of the 3,039 meter in 28min18sec859. Second was Cayan Chianca (PROAM) and third was Léo Torres (PRO).

Pics: Luciano Santos (SigCom)

Pole in the race, Arthur maintained the lead at the start, but had to endure pressure from Diogo Moscato for a few laps. After the second Safety Car, however, Arthur got a bigger gap, while Moscato started to be threatened by Cayan. It was Arthur's second victory in 2023, the first at his own home.

“It’s special to win around family and friends. Now, let’s focus on the second race”, highlighted Gama. Léo Torres, in second, and Lucas Mendes, in third, completed the PRO class podium.

PROAM winner, Cayan Chianca had a lot to celebrate. After all, in addition to winning the class, the first of his career, he was second overall. The PROAM podium was formed by the Portuguese Lourenço Beirão, who came second, and Gui Backes, who finished third.

Henry Couto was the winner in AM, followed by MC Gui and Brendon Zonta. Race 2, which completes stage 7 of the season, will be held this Sunday (10/15).

Results of Race 1 at Tarumã (Top10):

1) #9 Arthur Gama, PRO, 17 laps

2) #4 Cayan Chianca, PROAM, a 0s890

3) #1 Léo Torres/ Júlio Campos, PRO, a 1s268

4) #20 Lourenço Beirão/ Jeff Giassi, PROAM, a 2s794

5) #27 Lucas Mendes/ Rodrigo Sperafico, PRO, a 3s121

6) #28 Gui Backes, PROAM, a 3s497

7) #88 Alex Seid/ Beto Monteiro, PRO, a 5s238

8) #13 Witold Ramasauskas, PROAM, a 5s661

9) #00 Henry Couto, AM, a 6s731

10) #98 Mc Gui, AM, a 7s955


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