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Allam Khodair's 300

Stock Car Pro Series’ driver will get a new brand at São Paulo

One of the most experience drivers in Stock Car Pro Series’ grid is very close to get an importante brand. In Interlagos, Allam Khodair will drive his 300 Stock Car race.

The Flying Jap started his first Stock Car race in 2005. Four years later, Khodair got his first victory. He won in Brasília, in 2009.

In 2012, Allam won a historical race: the last Stock Car Pro Series’ race in Jacarepaguá circuit, at Rio de Janeiro; the same track that received Formula 1 races on 80’s.

Two years later, Khodair won his first race on street’s circuit. Allam gets the victory at Salvador.

During the Covid’s Pandemic, he made probably his best race ever: at Goiânia, he started on last row, made a lot of overtakes and won the race.

On next weekend, in Interlagos, Allam Khodair will turn 300 races. He is only behind three drivers: Cacá Bueno (334 races in Stock Car), Ingo Hoffmann (332) and Thiago Camilo (324).


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