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2023’s Copa Truck season starts with fierce disputes

Jaidson Zini wins one of the races in Goiânia and leads the championship

Pics: Vanderley Soares Speeding trucks are back. And with one of the greatest drivers on grid: Felipe Giaffone, the 2017’s champion, won the first race at Goiânia circuit; Jaidson Zini won the second race of the double round in Pro class. Fabio Fogaça and Evandro Camargo were the winners in the Super class.

Despite driving a hybrid electric truck this season, Giaffone is prevented by regulations from using this kit because the system is not available to all competitors. With a conventional truck, Felipe disputed the leadership of race 1 with his teammate, André Marques. The 2021’s champion put a lot of pressure on Giaffone, but was unable to overtake and ended in second, 0s3 behind Felipe.

The highlight of race 2 was the disqualification of race leader Adalberto Jardim. The driver jumped the start and didn’t obeyed the drive through and gave up the race on the last lap. Better for Jaidson Zini, who started fifth, made overtakes and took the lead from Jardim. Beto Monteiro, with great experience driving trucks, came in second.

In the Super class, which debuted the new competition format, Fabio Fogaça maintained the lead from the start and wasn’t bothered during the 13 laps and started the 2023 season very well. Evandro Camargo also had a great start to the championship. As he drove well, Camargo had luck, as the pole Kleber Electric and Ricardo Alvarez, who started in the front row, jumped the start and were punished with drive through. Camargo won his first victory in Copa Truck.

After the two races in Goiânia, Jaidson Zini is the leader of Copa Truck with 33 points, one more than Beto Monteiro. Felipe Giaffone and André Marques follow them, both with 27 points.


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