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2015 Champion renews with Cavaleiro Sports

Marcos Gomes agrees for another year of partnership and remains in the team alongside Denis Navarro

Pics: Bruno Terena

Marcos Gomes remains confident in Cavaleiro Sports' project to win again in the Stock Car Pro Series. The son of four-time champion Paulo Gomes, Marcos believes that the team will develop and fight for victories in 2023.

“The 2022 season has started very well for the team. This year, the goal is to be on the top 5. I have participated in the team's work during Summer and we are very confident”, said Marcos Gomes.

After the announcement that he will compete this season for Beto Cavaleiro's team, Denis Navarro recalled the team's first podium, in the Santa Cruz do Sul track, at Rio Grande do Sul, in 2019. "I'm going for another year with this great team. Together, we've had amazing times. We want to return to the podium in 2023 and make Cavaleiro a competitive team”, he Said.

The duo arrives in 2023 as one of the most solid on the grid. Gomes and Navarro have been at Cavaleiro since 2020.


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