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F1 Runner-up on Stock Car's podium

This Sunday's second race (17/12) of the Stock Car Pro Series in Interlagos was quite eventful due to many accidents. But it was an accident suffered by Sergio Ramalho (#37, Hot Car Competições Team) in the final laps that defined the result of the race. The safety car was good for Felipe Massa (#19, TMG Lubrax Team), who made his mandatory pit stop shortly before the yellow flag was raised.

The 2008 F1 Runner-up won at Interlagos after 15 years. It was his second victory in Stock Car. 2015’s champion, Marcos Gomes (#80, Cavaleiro Sports Team) finished second. Also former Ferrari Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello (#111, Mobil Ale Full Time Team) finished third.


Casagrande (#83, A.Mattheis/Vogel Team) didn't even need to score points to celebrate his second Stock Car title. The driver finished 21st and the only one who could take the title from him, Daniel Serra (#29, Eurofarma RC Team), finished 12th. On the day of Gabriel Casagrande's second championship, the victory went to Felipe Massa, with Rubens Barrichello on the podium.

Pic: Victor Eleutério

Results os race 2: 1. Felipe Massa (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #19), 17 laps on 32min03s043 2. Marcos Gomes (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #80), 0s491 3. Rubens Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #111), 1s524

4. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #90), 2s267

5. Bruno Baptista (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #44), 3s613

6. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #16), 5s935

7. Átila Abreu (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #51), 6s335

8. Nelson Piquet Jr. (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #33), 7s070

9. Felipe Fraga (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #88), 7s578

10. Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Toyota Corolla #10), 7s948

11. Matías Rossi (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #117), 12s193

12. Daniel Serra (Eurofarma RC/Chevrolet Cruze #29), 12s840

13. Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #121), 15s285

14. Cesar Ramos (Ipiranga Racing/Toyota Corolla #30), 15s443

15. Denis Navarro (Cavaleiro Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #5), 16s998

16. Rodrigo Baptista (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #3), 18s091

17. Felipe Lapenna (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #110), 18s710

18. Enzo Elias (Crown Racing/Toyota Corolla #28), 19s815

19. Julio Campos (TMG Lubrax/Chevrolet Cruze #4), 20s283

20. Rafael Suzuki (Pole Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #8), 22s322

21. Gabriel Casagrande (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #83), 22s778

22. Lucas Khol (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #95), 23s889

23. Allam Khodair (Blau Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #18), 26s312

24. Sergio Ramalho (Hot Car Competições/Chevrolet Cruze #37), 5 laps


Cacá Bueno (KTF Sports/Chevrolet Cruze #0)

Sergio Jimenez (Scuderia Chiarelli/Chevrolet Cruze #73)

Tony Kanaan (Full Time Bassani/Toyota Corolla #6)

Lucas Foresti (A.Mattheis-Vogel Motorsport/Chevrolet Cruze #12)

Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Chevrolet Cruze #85)

Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Toyota Corolla #101)

Eduardo Barrichello (Mobil Ale/Toyota Corolla #91)

Pic: Rafa Catelan (RF1)


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